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group drawings



Doodling and drawing can reveal a lot about people.

Sitting in groups of 4 -6 around a large piece of poster board, students draw with crayons and marker pens. I make it clear that this is not an artistic contest, that people can just doodle whatever they want. I do not specify if the drawings are to be an individual or a group effort - that's up to the group.

In another variation of this exercise, I ask the group to create a poster that specifically represents what they think and feel about the group.

Afterwards, we all learn a great deal about each other by discussing how the drawings reflect the personalities of the individuals (use of color, spacing, positioning, themes, symbolism, etc.), relationships between group members, how the drawings compare to and were influenced by each other, and the group dynamics that transpired among the participants as they created the drawings. It's also fascinating to compare the drawings from the different groups to see if this reveals any similarities and differences in group dynamics. The group cohesion that invariably results from this exercise is an added bonus.


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