2009 Recipient of the Emerging Voices
in Psychology and the Arts Award

Angelica Daniele for her undergraduate thesis:
Performance: The Collective and Introspective

Based on her undergraduate thesis, Performance: The Collective and Introspective, True Center Publishing is thrilled to name Angelica Daniele as the 2009 recipient of the "Emerging Voices in Psychology and the Arts" award. The Emerging Voices Award is based on work, published or unpublished, which reflects excellence and innovation with an emphasis on the open-minded integration of psychological concepts with other disciplines, especially the arts. Ms. Daniele's undergraduate senior thesis explores the link between body and mind in dance performance and it is a finely crafted, integrative work.

Ms. Daniele's "Background Literature Review" is particularly excellent both in writing and conception and we also commend her for openly exploring and utilizing her own subjective experiences within this work. Importantly, her thesis calls attention to: the potential role of dance in improving the communication between mind and body, using the dancer's subjective reaction - the "quality of the experience"- as a significant therapeutic and artistic element and the balancing of technical skill development with emotional self-expressive elements in dance. We congratulate Ms. Daniele on this fine piece of work and we look forward to seeing what she choses to do as she moves forward with her career.

Description of Work

Performance: The Collective and Introspective, reflects the culmination of a year-long investigation involving the analysis of various aspects of dance performance experiences and their effects on the developing dancer. This investigation focuses on the psychological aspects of performing dance, with consideration given to the biological, emotional, educational, and social aspects involved with such experiences. The information presented reflects the most recent findings from dance research literature and a primary survey-based research study designed to assess the psychological similarities in performance experiences from a range of dancer populations. Additionally, this work reflects the author's recent personal performance endeavors and commentary from active dance participants in the educational and professional fields of dance. This investigation serves to not only provide a "behind the scenes" perspective on the demanding yet rewarding life of a dancer, but also provoke thought among performing artists as well as those less artistically informed.

Biography of Recipient

Angelica Daniele is a Philadelphia native and current Baltimore resident with a passion for both the arts and psychology. She graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD in May of 2009, summa cum laude. She received a B.A. in Dance and Psychology with concentrations in both arts administration and dance therapy. There she had the opportunity to build her performance career with several students, faculty, and professional guest artists including Roger Jeffery, Gabriel Masson, Heidi Henderson, Thaddeus and Tanya Weidman Davis, and Mino Nicolas. Angelica also completed a senior thesis titled “Performance: The Collective and Introspective,” which intensely investigated the link between body and mind in dance performance experiences.

Angelica has been instrumental in developing arts programs and advocating for the value of the arts through educational endeavors, student programming committees, and internship experiences. Her focus on the emotive power of the arts and the mind-body-spirit connection has drawn her to both areas of study. She plans to continue advocating for artistic therapy programs throughout the remainder of her educational and professional careers. Furthermore, Angelica looks forward to incorporating the creative arts therapies, training, performance, and pedagogy into the mission of a future non-profit arts organization.

Angelica is dancing professionally for both Full Circle Dance Company based in Baltimore, MD, and The Moving Company in Cockeysville, MD. She serves as an administrative assistant for both the Morton Street Dance Center, Inc. and the Baltimore Ballet Company and School. She is currently pursuing her Master’s of Arts in Arts Administration from Goucher College, and anticipates receiving this degree in the summer of 2012.

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